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olyester chip is the raw material used in the production of polyester fiber, filament yarn and other polyester products. xianglu chip has various advantages in further processing, such as stable physical parameter and processable quality.

poy(partially oriented yarn)

xianglu poy,produced directly from polymer is excellent in dyeing uniformity, regularity of u% and easy care in twisting. poy is mostly used to produce dty through twisting and partlty used directly in weaving and knitting.

dty(polyester textured yarn)

dty is finished product from poy, it is widely used in knitting and weaving. our stable supply of raw materials, advanced equipment, excellent engineers and strict management make our dty of outstanding the excellent quality xianglu is a leading brand in china.

from 30d to 600d







low melt yarn


cationic & cd and sd

fdy(full drawed yarn)

fdy, another product from xianglu chip, can be used directly in weaving and knitting, especially for warp weaing,xianglu fdy enjoy an outstanding merit of steady quality due to its stable supply of material.

psf(polyester staple fiber)

polyester staple fiber is a short curly fiber suitable for mixing with cotton or other fibers such as rayon, acrylic, nylon, wool, ramie etc. in spinning yarns for weaving and knitting. it is also an ssential component for non-woven products and filling. through spinning, weaving, knitting and various non-woven processes, staple fiber can be transformed to varietal textile and non-textile products commonly used in our daily life.

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